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At Cru Vet we are dedicated to the highest quality patient care. However, we realize that cost can be a factor when caring for our pets. Estimates are provided prior to every visit.


Call Fees And Exams

Call fees range from $55-$95 depending on where you are located. 

Each visit comes with an exam fee which range from $55 (Rechecks) to $110 (Annual Exam Fee).

Urgent care and weekend fees may apply. 

Health Certificates

International and Domestic. Consultations early are recommended. Cost depends on the destination country/state as many have different requirements.

For more information please visit:


Vaccinations and Lab Work

Vaccinations range from $35-$85. Lab Work costs can depend on patient needs but range from $85-$350


In Home Euthanasia

We provide guidance and follow up during this stressful time. 

Starting at $550 plus a call fee, we also provide ashes if desired which is weight dependent cost wise. 

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